Dive Sites

Our dive sites are located in the middle of very varied diving areas of Mauritius. The area is characterized by an astonishing under water world, constant water temperatures  (25° – 28°) and its great variety – offering something for everyone: from curious beginners to adventurous advanced divers.

Our dive sites offer the right things for everyone – possibilities of observing colourful tropical fish, searching for rare fish species or discovering spectacular caves.

Hoi Siong wreck
colline bambous site
Lion fish reef site

The breath taking light reflections in the caverns of the Cathedral, the unusual high population density of fish per square meter and the only place in the Indian ocean where the weedy scorpion fish (Rhinopias eschmeyeri) can be found – Snake Reef site, over 30 different types of morays along the 90 meter long riff of Rempart Serpent or the adventurous meet and great with sting rays and sharks at St. Jacques are only some of the highlights that can be experienced with us at our dive sites.

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Each dive becomes a unique experience when enjoying looking at colourful fish like butterfly and soldier fish, large corals, majestic lion fishes, giant lobsters, spooky scorpion fish, creepy stone fish, robbery barracudas – and with a bit of luck you will meet on your dive through the varied under water world also the regularly passing by dolphins or even turtles.

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bubble coral
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And all of that is very close to our diving centre and can be reached in only 10-20 minutes by boat!

On the map, you can see some of our dive sites!

Most Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to dive?

8 – 9 years in the pool and 10 years old in the sea.

Do I need to know how to swim to scuba dive?

No, you do not need to know how to swim to be able to scuba dive.  Having a minimum skill in swimming will help you to be more confident but we also accept non-swimmers.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, all payment in cash only or bank transfer (EUR or MUR).

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous?

Scuba diving is not dangerous as long as it’s done right and correctly, that is, you follow all the diving practices and advices given to you.

What are the cancellation policy ?

In the event that you cancel your booking/order, cancellation fees will be charged as detailed below